Through the last 100 meters of all-optical cabling, LASUN released FTTD practical fiber-to-the-desk solution

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The continuous development of the Internet industry has brought massive amounts of information to human beings, and while the massive amounts of information are changing the basic aspects of human life, they are also constantly stimulating human demand for broadband upgrades at the basic physical layer of the Internet.

Even though it has been ten years since the concept of "fiber advances and copper retreats", copper cable products are constantly innovating and iterating and adapting to industrial needs in the process of upgrading the Internet infrastructure. An important foundation for the physical layer of the Internet. However, at present, copper cables are basically iterated along the direction of thicker cable diameters, more complex shielding layers, and higher and higher cost of system components including modules and cables. With the rising price of copper cable raw materials and the increasing construction requirements and difficulty, it brings more and more troubles to the integrated wiring market. Exploring a practical solution of "replacing copper with fiber" has also become an important direction for the industry to actively explore.

Recently, LASUN, relying on its new circular drop cable, has solved the problem of all-optical wiring for many years, and officially released its FTTD practical fiber-to-the-desk solution.

The new circular drop optical cable is independently developed by Shenlian Group, with a core diameter of 10μm and an outer diameter of 3mm. Due to the use of a new material formula, the internal optical fiber has better bending resistance and light leakage resistance than ordinary optical fibers. The minimum bending radius of the product is only 10mm, which breaks the common fault of the previous all-optical cabling scheme that the fiber is not resistant to bending, and successfully opens up the "last 100 meters" of all-optical cabling.

LASUN FTTD practical fiber-to-the-desk solution provides three distributed all-optical cabling link structures:

The first is the link structure of "optical transceiver - optical fiber patch panel - desktop ONU - terminal equipment". In this structure, the main optical cable is connected to the optical terminal, and the multi-channel signal is distributed through the optical splitter, and then the jumper is connected to the optical fiber distribution frame that has been connected to the horizontal optical cable. The end of the horizontal optical cable is connected to the desktop ONU, so that the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal, and then connected to the terminal equipment through the network jumper. With the emergence of desktop ONUs in recent years, and ordinary fiber patch cords cannot meet the use environment of one meter at the end, this method is the most common fiber-to-desktop configuration solution.

The second is the link structure of "optical transceiver - optical fiber patch panel - optical fiber panel - terminal equipment equipped with converter". The structure relies on the excellent bending resistance of LASUN's new circular drop optical cable, which is sufficient to meet the use environment of the terminal and make the link of the all-optical network one step closer. However, since the traditional network terminal equipment does not have the function of receiving all-optical signals, it is necessary to borrow photoelectric conversion equipment for transition.

The third type is the link structure of "optical transceiver - optical fiber patch panel - optical fiber panel - terminal equipment with its own optical port". With the gradual popularization of terminal equipment containing optical ports, the superior performance of all-optical networks will gradually become the trend of industry development, and the link structure will also gradually become popular and popular.

Compared with the general copper-optical cabling solution, the LASUN FTTD practical fiber-to-desktop all-optical cabling solution has incomparable advantages:

1. The introduction of optical fiber can break the limitation of traditional copper cable transmission distance and realize ultra-long transmission;

2. Due to the higher frequency, the transmission bandwidth is greatly increased;

3. The optical fiber is a non-metallic material, which is not only absolutely resistant to electromagnetic interference, but also has extremely high reliability and safety;

4. LASUN new circular drop optical cable has small diameter, light weight, small bending radius, good tensile, anti-interference and anti-pressure performance;

5. Up to 30 years of line service life, the communication quality is guaranteed and will not decrease with time;

6. It has strong expansibility, and the fully adaptable width can be increased at will, and the equipment can be continuously upgraded smoothly.

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