The 18th China International Social Public Security Expo 2021 has officially closed,LASUN's intelligent building info & energy transmission solution has attracted much attention

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The 18th China International Social Public Security Expo 2021 officially concluded at Futian Convention and Exhibition Center in Shenzhen on December 29. During the exhibition, LASUN with it's intelligent building info & energy solution has met with the guests as promised, and shown LASUN's solution to the Chinese security industry.

LASUN has showed and introduced it's four product systems and solutions including network cable system, power cable system, optical cable system and data center system to audiences in the exhibition, LASUN combined the actual case application of the product in various scenarios to let audiences know the quality and advantages of the brand.

In view of the guests' questions about LASUN's solution in subway construction projects. the site staff combined with the characteristics of digital and energy transmission in the subway scene, as well as the practical application of the product in Shenzhen subway, Hefei subway, Qingdao subway, Taiyuan subway and other subway cases, gave detailed answers, which won the recognition and praise of guests.

As a well-known engineering-level cable brand and info & energy transmission facility manufacturer and service provider, LASUN intelligent building info & energy transmission solutions are well-known in the industry for comprehensive reliability, high compatibility, high cost performance and multi-scene application. This exhibition provided a good platform for us to communicate, understand and establish contacts with customers in the industry. We are looking forward to serving more customers in the security industry in the future.

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