Feixi county “four send one service” to promote development — Li yu county head into the LASUN communication company to investigation

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On June 12, 2018,in the afternoon, Li Yu in feixi county magistrate, feixi county four send asuit with the leaders of the leadership team into the LASUN communicationcompany listen to the Wei Zhiming, general manager of enterprise developmentpolicy to carry out the capital operation personnel recruitment technology intoproduction and business sales layout and related situation is introduced.

Throughcommunication, Li Yu county magistrate encourages enterprises to seize theopportunity, the rapid development of the existing platform to do, strive tobuild their own brands, after the enterprise has a certain size and strength,for the long run, to look for higher technical field, are relatively mature,optical communication products into a new development direction of traditionalmanufacture.

Mr.Wei thanked the care and help for LASUN communication company, and position in the company development situation is good,that root FeiXi, must grasp the good opportunity, rapid growth, breakthroughunceasingly, as soon as possible to become the industry benchmarkingenterprises.

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